Crescent SA, the new name of Option SA from Leuven - Belgium, is a technology company with a historical strong background in radio/data transmission. They are the inventor of the CloudGate™, an IoT (Internet of Things) gateway that ensures that all types of sensors can send all their data to all types of data platforms. Recently, due to the need for far-reaching high-end cybersecurity for critical/sensitive data, value added connectivity was developed for industry 4.0 with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. This is also the basis on which Smart Cities/Smart Harbours can build and control their far-reaching digitization.

Through several acquisitions, Crescent SA can now count on an experienced team of high-tech integrators who can handle any IoT project.

InnoLumis subsidiary is a large public LED lighting manufacturer that lifts lighting to a smart level: light control, measuring, dimming, RGB colours, sensors, etc.

In the OffShore industry we deliver gateways for data transmission & data processing.


Gaston Geenslaan 14
3001 Leuven
+32 (0)59 70 87 87