nCentric develops wireless communication products that interconnect construction, survey and other support vessels as well as dredgers, rigs, platforms or home offices with an ad-hoc self-forming mesh network. This network allows our clients to easily synchronize large (survey or other) files, VoIP, video conferencing, live HD video streaming, enable M2M communication, etc. 

By connecting people and processes, we can maximize efficiency and create opportunities to make better decisions faster.

For example,  offshore constructions (Windfarms, Oil&Gas or Dredging) are becoming increasingly complex and require many different parties to cooperate efficiently. Without any existing offshore infrastructure nCentric can interconnect all parties involved to enable more efficient operations.

Also, extending the onshore internet connection  or the big VSAT pipe from the reclamation office to all assets in the field can cut down on communication costs for all parties involved, while the bandwidth increases exponentially and latencies become negligible. Continuous data and video transfer has never been so easy. 

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