NHV Group is a fast growing international aviation services company, specialised in business-to-business aviation services. The company was established in 1997 and currently operates in 9 different countries on 2 continents (Europe and Africa). 

To the offshore market, NHV provides the following services: transport of crews and loads to and from oil & gas platforms, transport of harbour pilots, transport of crew and supplies to wind turbines and search and rescue operations. Ever since its foundation, NHV has paid special attention to the safety and the well being of the company’s stakeholders, especially employees, clients and the environment.

NHV is fully compliant with the following authorities: BCAA, JAA (legacy), EASA, OGP, Airbus Helicopters standards and client standards.

Kalkaertstraat 101
8400 Oostende
+32 (0)59 307 055